Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I am tired of each morning waiting to get to the next
Of getting up looking forward to going back to sleep.
So I try, to center my heart over my soul, my soul over my head
But it is so frustrating to me that live is so filled with the mundane.
If today were to be my last day on Earth, I would have woken up late for my alarm, meditated ( a little), gone to work and ate an uninspired lunch, went to the gym and then went to bed. At no point during that day would there have been any given moment that would be worth telling an epic tale about.
And as I sit trying to align my heart, soul, and head I feel a leaden weight in my chest seize control making it hard to breath. I find my heart slows down and my head starts to wander and my soul scrabbles desperately at my rib cage to be left free. I dream of Paris, and wandering the streets alone, floating through memories and pasts like water. And as I sit I remember that none of it matters. That I can dream, and whine, feel desperate and tired...but the point is that as I write this, I sit with my space and live what I know.